“The Rhodia Scholarship not only allows me to move along through my book called LIFE, but fly high above the stars and become a role model to my younger peers, and become a testimony that shows you can do anything if you apply yourself and believe within yourself”.
iconJasmine Campbell
2011 Rhodia Scholarship Awardee

“The Rhodia Scholarship will enhance my educational experience by giving me the ability to follow through with all the hard work it will take to achieve my dreams and goals.”
iconKrista Young
2011 Scholarship Applicant

“I am passionate about community service and involvement.  Community service is just one of the ways that I would truly be an asset to the world as I continue to move even further to the next level”.
iconAshley Tucker
2010 Scholarship Recipient



Academic Scholarship Awards

The GCEC provides scholarships annually to encourage and financially assist students to further their education. $1,000 and $5,000 awards go toward the costs of tuition, books and higher education expenses.


GCEC/Rhodia Charleston Scholarship

Applicants for the Rhodia Scholarship must reside in one of the nineteen Rhodia Community Advisory Panel (CAP) Neighborhoods. The scholarship was established to assist students with offsetting the costs of college tutiton and books. More information can can be found on the APPLICATION.